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OUR Stories

Come join us and listen to the inspiring stories of women who have been transformed by the Works for the Glory of God Foundation. Through our various programs and classes, we have witnessed firsthand the incredible impact that faith and community can have on one's life. These women have overcome challenges and obstacles, and have emerged stronger and more resilient than ever before. Their stories serve as a reminder of the power of God's love and the importance of supporting one another on our journeys. Don't miss this opportunity to hear firsthand about the transformative work being done in our community. Join us and be inspired!

Aura Rosa Tamayo

My name is Aura Rosa Tamayo, and I am 70 years old. I arrived at the foundation over 2 years ago for the glory of God. God led me to the foundation through an advertisement on Arauna Stereo radio station.

I started with sewing classes where they taught me how to take measurements, make face masks, shirts, bags, and aprons. There, I met wonderful people such as those at Works for the Glory of God. .

Now, I have my own sewing machine that was gifted to me by my Lord Jesus Christ. With my machine, I have made aprons and repaired clothing.


During the workshop, I made bags and aprons, which generated income for me to cover expenses at home

Jimena Valencia

My name is Jimena Valencia, and I am 21 years old. I arrived at the Works for the Glory of God Foundation in April 2022, after seeing an advertisement on WhatsApp. I was immediately drawn to the fact that their training programs were for single mothers, as I am a single mother with a 5-year-old son. I enrolled in several courses as I had not had the opportunity to work before due to lack of experience.I studied customer service, sales techniques, manicure and pedicure, pattern making, design, and tailoring.

I learned so much and gained valuable knowledge. Later, I was given the opportunity to work in the foundation's entrepreneurship workshop in the afternoons, making bags and aprons from fabric. It was a blessing as I was able to bring economic resources home for my son and me. I worked there for four months.


One beautiful thing I learned in the foundation was to love God. I had never heard of Him in such an extraordinary way before. I had never been to a place where I was taught how to have a relationship with Jesus. Today, I am part of the community and am very grateful for each one of the people there. They opened their hearts to me and have supported me in a very special way. They came into my life in a very special way, and I thank my Heavenly Father for placing me in such a beautiful place.

Matha Parra

My name is Martha Parra, I am 44 years old, a single mother of 4 children and a grandmother to a precious 2-year-old girl. When I met the Lord, He did so much in my life, undoubtedly transforming me into a new person. He helped me recover what the enemy had stolen from me, including my identity and my relationship with my children. He completely reconstructed my life.


I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to God for placing me here at the Foundation of Works for the Glory of God, where I am now part of the team. This foundation has been a tremendous blessing in every aspect of my life. I am very grateful to God for allowing me to serve and share my testimony here, watching how the Lord lifts up other women through my testimony, using my life as an example that change is possible and that we can be new creations in Him.


I am deeply grateful to Hector and Liz for being a channel of blessing in my life, for showing me the fullness of the Lord's love.

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